Wearable Microphone Jamming


We engineered a wearable microphone jammer that is capable of disabling microphones in its user’s surroundings, including hidden microphones. Our device is based on a recent exploit that leverages the fact that when exposed to ultrasonic noise, commodity microphones will leak the noise into the audible range. By making it wearable, our jammer outperforms existing approaches with an improved coverage and less blind spots.

This work is a cooperation between SAND lab and HCI lab at the University of Chicago.

This work will be published at ACM CHI 2020 (full paper).

"Wearable Microphone Jamming"
by Yuxin Chen∗, Huiying Li∗, Shan-Yuan Teng∗, Steven Nagels, Pedro Lopes, Ben Y. Zhao, Haitao Zheng.
∗equal contribution

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